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Aflame Inferno (Korean: 불꽃의 인페르노 ; Japanese: 炎のインフェルノ ) is a manhwa by writer Lim Dall Young and artist Kim Kwang Hyun. Aflame Inferno deals with the interaction between demons (Tedra) and humans, in a world where humans do not know demons exist, and demons live in an alternate dimension (Hell).


Aflame Inferno is about the return of Inferno, a Tedra (demon) from Hell, who merges with Kang Shi-chan to save Shi-chan's life, and their subsequent life together, trying to survive, while fighting off other Tedra. It is also revealed the origin of humans and Tedra, and their lives.

Publication history[]

Aflame Inferno was originally published in South Korea in Korean, and subsequently published in many other editions. It was published in Japan in Japanese, in France in French, in Brazil in Portuguese, in Indonesia in Indonesian Malayan.

The original manhwa started publication in 2006 in Korean for South Korea. It was published by Haksan in serial publication.

The Japanese edition started publication in 2008 by Kill Time Communication, in serial publication in the monthly pulp manga magazine Comic Valkyrie in Japan.

First volume editions[]

Derivative works[]

A hentai doujinshi story, Emotion Complementation Project, written by Moonzero and drawn by Eldo, was published in the hentai doujinshi anthology Cross Make 2009. It is an official doujinshi entry in the Aflame Inferno works.

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