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CDPA is a doujin circle that creates the hentai doujinshi series Cross Make. CDPA is composed of five members, Moonzero, Milkcow, Anicd, Eldo and Bear. Moonzero is the writer for the group, while the other three draw.

  • Moonzero is an alias of Lim Dall Young (임달영 , 林達永), and the other four are aliases for manhwa artists he usually works with for his regular manhwa.
  • Milkcow is an alias for Lee Soo Hyun (이수현 , 李秀顯).
  • Eldo is an alias for Kim Kwang Hyun (김광현 , 金光鉉).
  • Bear is an alias for Lee Hae Won (이해원 , 李海原)

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