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Comic Valkyrie (Kana: コミック ヴァルキリー ; Hepburn: Komikku Vuarukirī ); formally Monthly Comic Valkyrie (Kana: 月刊 コミック ヴァルキリー; Hepburn: Gekkan Komikku Vuarukirī); informally Monthly Valkyrie (Kana: 月刊 ヴァルキリー; Hepburn: Gekkan Vuarukirī); formerly 'Bimonthly Comic Valkyrie' (Kana: 隔月刊 コミック ヴァルキリー; Hepburn: Kakugetsukan Komikku Vuarukirī) or "Bimonthly Valkyrie" (Kana: 隔月刊 ヴァルキリー; Hepburn: Kakugetsukan Vuarukirī); is a Japanese-language monthly pulp comic magazine published in Japan by Kill Time Communication (KTC). It is also called "ヴァルキリー コミック" (Valkyrie Comic) on spines or "VC", for the tankoban collections, as an imprint of KTC.

Comic Valkyrie published the serialized Japanese edition of Aflame Inferno.

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