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Cross Make 2011 Winter: Freezing & Unbalance x2 Another Story Comics is a doujinshi anthology written by Moonzero (Lim Dall Young), and drawn by Milkcow and others, from the circle CDPA. It is part of the Cross Make series. It contains parodies of manhwas written by Lim Dall Young, so the author is parodying his own work. It is a hentai doujinshi released at Comiket 81 (Comic Market 81, C81) in Tokyo. It was published 31 December 2011.

The anthology contains artwork and doujinshi chapters.


  1. Freezing Another Story - The Dissolute Queen by Milkcow and Moonzero
    Parody of "Freezing"
  2. Part 1 by Milkcow
    Artwork featuring "Unbalance x2", "Re:BIRTH -The Lunatic Taker-"
  3. Unbalance Relation by Lim Dall Young, Lee Soo-hyon, Anicd, Moonzero
    Parody of "Unbalance x2"
  4. Part 2 by Anicd
    Artwork featuring "Freezing"
  5. Deep Poison by Bear, Morse
    Parody of "Freezing"
  6. Part 3 by Bear
    Artwork featuring "Koimoku"
  7. for Father by Lunarian, Moonzero
    Parody of "Freezing"
  8. Atia de ikou! by Manle, Moonzero
    Parody of "Freezing"

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