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Emotion Complementation Project is a doujinshi chapter by Eldo (Kim Kwang Hyun) and Moonzero (Lim Dall Young). It is part of the doujinshi anthology Cross Make 2009. It is a hentai parody of Aflame Inferno, written by the original author of Aflame Inferno, and drawn by another artist that collaborates with him. It was released at Comiket 77 (Comic Market 77, C77) in Tokyo.


Shion (Kang Shi-chan)'s stepmom gets drunk, and tries to be a better mother, by seducing him. She then strips Hosaka (Shin Chae-hee) to get him to choose mom or classmate. Shion comments he would never choose the monster residing in Hosaka, whereupon, Gehenna awakens and tries to seduce Shion.


This story takes place after Chaehee moves in with Shichan and his step-mom. It feature's the step-mother's insecurity over being a bad mother, and Gehenna's offer to be the sexual release for Shichan, instead of him prowling for women, and Shihan's fear of that offer. (Elements featured in the real storyline of Aflame Inferno).

It is not a canon story, and is completely unofficial.

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