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Gehenna (ゲヘナ) also called the Queen of Destruction, and Ruler of the Western Lands.

Gehenna appears when Shin Chae-hee/Natsumi Hosaka is murdered by a serial killer. Due to her own law that herself and her Tedlars will only assimilate humans that recently expired, Shin Cha-hee was a perfect host for the Tedlar Ruler and even commented on it. 

As a measure of closure, she hunted down the killer and hacked him to pieces in front of Inferno and Kang Shi-chan/Shion Saito after she tracked them to Shin Chae-hee's old home.  She then proceeded to battle Inferno, displeased by the lack of skill and power shown to her. She was very surprised by the fact that it was Kang Shi-chan that was fighting her and not Inferno, hearing for the first time of the half-transfer state between Kang Shi-chan and Inferno. Gehenna decides to ally herself with Inferno and Kang, promising to keep them both safe until they reach a level of power sufficient to protect themselves.

She also decided to reanimate Shin Chae-hee's personality while putting herself to sleep so as to remain close to Kang and Inferno without arousing too much suspicion.


Gehenna has a rather capricious nature. She does what she feels like doing and doesn't really think through the consequences of her actions despite her status. She is quick to anger and very impatient as well, often attacking and killing other Tedlars with little regard to how it would look to a normal human.

She is very flirty with Kang Shi-chan, trying various methods in order to try and seduce him but so far, all have failed. When Chae-hee was questioned by a detective on h involvement in the explosion that destroyed the girl's old home and killed her grandmother, Gehenna asserted herself since the personality of Chae was overwhelemed by the scrutiny. She also revealed there that she felt an attraction to Shi-chan and was also aware that it was one-sided on her part. 

Gehenna also can't help getting jealous whenever Shi-chan shows more attention to another girl other than herself. When one of Shi-chan's old flames bullied Chae-hee, thinking that the shy girl had somehow 'seduced' Shi-chan away from her, Gehenna turned the tables on her and made the girl not only cry, but soil herself as well from being terrified and choked . She even broke a promise to let a female Tedlar go free if they defeated Shi-chan. When the Tedlar, seeing how handsome Shi-chan was, made her intention known to 'play' with him a bit, Gehenna killed her.


Gehenna's Helganna consists of strengthening her hair and using it as both an offensive and defensive weapon - blocking and attacking simultaneously all targets within her range. In the days of old, she was regarded as being the 2nd most powerful of the 4 Emperors, behind Inferno. She is also capable of switching Chae-hee's personality on and off at will, as well as using her power to simulate a beating heart, which is one of the ways to tell a low-level Tedlar from a human.

Whenever Gehenna activates the majority of her power, her overall appearance changes drastically. Her irises narrow into slits and her eye color turns gold as well as her hair turning white and enlongating from the normal length of  just past her shoulder to down past her hips. She is capable of asserting her personality without triggering any physical changes but she isn't capable of utilizing her other powers while in that state.


  • Amusingly, despite all her powers and Chae-hee's amazing cooking skills, Gehenna is absolutely horrible at cooking even simple dishes. When she tries making spaghetti for Shi-chan, she tests it out on Chae-hee's little brother, who promptly faints on the table. Annoyed, she takes a bite herself, only to have the same reaction. Finally, she writes a note to herself to make spaghetti and wakes up Chae-hee's personality. The new batch of spaghetti is delicious, but Chae-hee's brother is too traumatized at this point to dare trying another taste.