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Inferno in a much earlier human body

Inferno (インフェルノ) is the Emperor of the Eastern Hell of Light also know as the Flame of Carnage. Inferno currently resides in the body of Kang Shi-Chan. However the two are forever stuck together unless they are able to close a thousand Invento Hells in order to cast the Resurrection Spell. Through the Melding, however, the fact that Kang Shi-chan is still alive means that he is now a Demi-Demon, a form that was formerly believed to be impossible to obtain. It has been revealed that Inferno's first body and all subsequent bodies were female (with the exception of Kang Shi-chan). Inferno, therefore, despite being a genderless tedlar, can be considered a female. She apparently abandoned the Eastern Empire and returned to the world of the humans. The other Emperors have occupied the Eastern Empire in order to avoid turmoil. She is also apparently "friends" with Gehenna. Inferno also has grown in her fondness of Kang Shi-chan going as far as to protect him by taking over his half-dead body in the Northern Hell invasion of the T.B.I . Korean Headquarters.


Inferno seems to have a very logic-based personality. However, that personality also goes along with a firm understanding of human emotion and nature. She has often advised Kang Shi-chan of the most logical decision (sometimes to no avail). She seems content enough with sharing a body with Kang Shi-chan and letting him live his life with minimum interference from her.

We still have not seen Inferno terribly upset or angry but judging by the reactions of every single Tedlar that came across Kang Shi-chan, making her upset would be most unwise.

Ahimsa - a Hindu concept to not do harm to living beings. Some time ago, Inferno swore to uphold this at the expense of her power and position among the Tedlars. Since a Tedlar essentially kills their human host to attain a body by Corrosion, this would explain Inferno's absence from her own kind. Interestingly enough, Gehenna follows a slightly askew version of this in that she and any Tedlar under her dominion will only utilize humans that have already died, as she did in the case of Shin Chae-hee


3rd body of Inferno (mid panel)

Apparantly all of Inferno's human bodies have been human females up till Kang Shi-chan. The most notable of these was a woman by the name of Joan (possibly Joan D'Arc) who made Inferno take an oath of a murderless life. After her time with Joan, Inferno disappeared, not appearing in the Void where most of the Tedlars exist nor as a human in the human world.

During her time among humans in her third body, Inferno began to enjoy the simple life lived by humans, specifically the human she had taken over - a girl named Joan. While living as Joan, Inferno became a mother, which changed her entire perspective on her existence. After that, Inferno began to question things that created upheaval among her fellow Emperors. A terrible act by both the Northern and Southern Emperors turned the then-peaceful Inferno into a unstoppable, vengeful warmonger that slaughtered all Tedlars that came before her.

As a Tedlar, returning to the Void would wipe most, if not all, characteristics and emotions of their previous host. Inferno instead chose to transfer into animals with shorter lifespans to avoid returning to the Void in order to preserve the human emotions she treasured as Joan.


Fire of Destruction

As her title of the Eastern Hell of Obliteration implies, Inferno's power are centered around fire and heat. Being the strongest of the Emperors, Inferno has a great deal of lesser skills at her disposal such as a strong ability to sense other Tedlars. Inferno also has a great deal of knowledge about Tedlars in general.

Flame Of Carnage: One of the Legendary Helgana/Spells and is Inferno's signature spell. An omni-directional flame that can engage multiple targets, it only requires a touch for the flames to spread over the target and consume it. Unfortunately, a critical drawback lies in that it consumes a large amount of Invento Hell to both invoke and sustain. While that was not a problem at the height of her power, in her current state she must be careful not to burn through all the Invento Hell she has at her disposal.