Lim Extra Works (Kana: Lim Extra Works — 2004-2010 — 林達永 原作コミック — オリジナルビジュアルブック ; English meaning: Lim Extra Works – 2004-2010 – Lim Dall Young original comics – Original Visual Mook) credited to "林達永 × 金光鉉 × 朴晟佑 × 李秀顯" (Lim Dall Young × Kim Kwang Hyun × Park Sung Woo × Lee Soo Hyun); is an artbook published by Kill Time Communication (キルタイムコミュニケーション) that contains illustrations of "Lim Dall Young World" manga/manhwa titles by the artists that work with Lim Dall Young. Lim Dall Young is the author of the works, while they are illustrated by various artists, included in this volume, by Kim Kwang Hyun, Park Sung Woo, Lee Soo Hyun. The period of Lim Dall Young World covered by this artbook is 2004-2010.

The volume was published on 2010-04-10, UPC Japan 185017365001, and produced at Artlim Media. Among the works covered in this artbook are Freezing, Aflame Inferno, Unbalance X2, Kurokami - Black God, Re:BIRTH -The Lunatic Taker-.

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