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Gehenna (ゲヘナ) is a main character. She is a female tedra, Queen of the West of Hell, Queen of Darkness and Destruction. Gehenna has allied herself with Inferno. She possesses Chae-hee's reanimate corpse, and uses its persona as a cloak. She has killed off Chae-hee's grandmother and destroyed her house in a fire attack on Inferno that missed.


Inferno (インフェルノ) is a main character. she is a female tedra, Queen of the East of Hell, Queen of the Flames of Extermination. She melds with Shi-chan so as Shi-chan may live after suffering a fatal injury.

Major characters[]


Pandemonium (パンデモニウム) is a major character, he is a male tedra and the King of the South of Hell.


Thanatos (タナトス) is a major character, he is a male tedra and the King of the North of Hell. He has the human cover identity of Cain Rondwell, and is in love with his cover wife, Elize Rondwell. Due to Pandemonium's scheming, his wife was killed and replaced by a possessed dead body Tedra version, which Pandemonium used to secure Thanatos' cooperation.

Go Yu-na / Iida Yui[]

Go Yu-na (Iida Yui, 飯田唯) is a psychic, and as such can hear dead people and see tedra and tedra-possessed people. Kang Shi-chan saves her from the tedra, who would normally kill her, and she comes to stay with him. She can also see tedra who have been hidden by spells, when they use powers, even before they release and revert to form, which neither Inferno nor Gehenna can detect. She can hear the conversation between Shichan and Inferno.

Recurring characters[]

Shin Ki-hoon[]

Shin Ki-hoon (Hosaka Akihiko) is the little brother of Chae-hee.

Ahn Chi-sang[]

Ahn Chi-sang is a police detective investigating the weird deaths that are caused by demon attacks in the city.

Kang Shi-chan's step-mother / Saitou Hiromi[]

Kang Shi-chan's step-mother (Saitou Hiromi); Kang Shi-chan's father remarried a younger woman after the death of Shi-chan's mother. She lives with Shi-chan.

Cain Rondwell[]

Cain Rondwell is the human identity of Thanatos. He is a rich CEO, and married to Eliza Rondwell, whom he deeply loves (even as a Tedra).

Elize Rondwell/Eliza Rondwell[]

Elize Rondwell/Eliza Rondwell is the wheelchair-bound wife of Cain Rondwell.

Eliza Rondwell Tedra/Elize Rondwell Tedlar[]

Elize Rondwell Tedlar/Eliza Rondwell Tedra is the Pandemonium servant Tedra who possessed the dead body of Elize Rondwell, and who now walks, in order to secure the cooperation of Thanatos, the Tedra-Emperor who loved Elize.


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