Shin Chae-hee (also Chaehee Shin) in Korean, called "Hosaka Natsumi" (穂坂夏美) in Japanese, is a character in Aflame Inferno. She was a girl who worked and attended school with Kang Shi-chan. It was shown that her family was poor as she lived in a place used as a dumping ground with her grandmother, and younger brother. She is often exploited for her good nature. People also would pick on her because of her less then wealthy background. She watched on silently inthe alley as Kang Shi-chan became a demi-demon with Infeno. The next day she was killed by a highchool girl killer. Gehenna took her body and is currently using it as her own. Gehenna recollected data stored in Shin Chae-hee's body, making it act and function as she would when she was alive.

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