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The Tedra (Tedlars) are demons in the Aflame Inferno universe and are the main antagonists of the story.


The Tedra in their natural form are large, usually towering over most humans and have a heavily armored body. They use and collect a power called Invento Hell, which can be used to fight. Based on their power and abilities, Tedra can be divided into different classes. They are divided into Low, Middle, and High classes. Additionally, there is an Emperor class. Usually, the amount of collected Invento Hell can determine the class of a Tedra.

In order to survive in the human world, Tedra need host bodies. The hosts that allow Tedra to use the most of their power is that of humans, but Tedra can take other animal hosts as well. In taking over a host, the human is usually killed, though not always. (Kang Shi-chan is occupied by Inferno, but still lives) Tedra usually use up their host bodies fairly quickly. The more of their power that they use, the more the host body corrodes. For most Tedra, their hosts last only a few months.

The Tedra divide themselves into the four kingdoms of hell. Each kingdom has an emperor. Most Tedra obey the emperor of the kingdom they belong to. The four rulers are Inferno, Gehenna, Pandemonium, Thanatos.

Tedra are generally arrogant and treat humans as trash. Though they have been found to form emotional attachments with various humans. (Inferno had fallen for Joan of Arc, and Thanatos had fallen for his cover identity's wife, Elize Rondwell)


Of the human agencies that oppose the Tedra, one of the is the Tedra Bureau of Investigation (TBI).

The human espers are the enemies of the Tedra, as espers can sense or see Tedra, which normal humans cannot do, unless the Tedra wants them to.